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Budgets and Assessments

This page provides information about the resources available to you regarding the financial matters of the Association.  Financial reports, annual budgets and reserve funds are uploaded to this page.
The Finance Committee was formed in September 2022 and includes volunteer community members who have experience and expertise in Finance, Accounting, Banking and Construction. The role of the committee is to provide oversight in an advisory capacity to the Board on financial matters including internal controls, financial reporting, budgeting, investment decisions, and expense managements. 
The Current Ironbridge POA Finance Committee Members are:

Connie Meine

Board Member Liaison

Chris Christopherson
Committee Chairperson
John Chapman

Committee Member

Rick Moore

Committee Member

Richard Tarmey

Committee Member


Financial Statements:

Financial statements (balance sheets and income statements) are made available to homeowners annually and more frequently for the current year and upon request. 

April 2024 IPOA Financial Statement
March 2024 IPOA Financial Statement
February 2024 IPOA Financial Statement
January 2024 IPOA Financial Statement

2023 IPOA Financial Statement


2022 IPOA Financial Statement


2021 IPOA Financial Statement


Annual Budgets:

The annual operating budget is generated as a collaboration among the Board, the Finance Committee and Key Stone Management. Our goal is to be realistic and accurate with a focus on minimizing costs and maintaining an adequate reserve fund. We monitor economic factors including interest rates for the Association's cash holdings, home sales activity with the community, and try to be prepared for unexpected expenses.

2024 IPOA Annual Budget

2023 IPOA Annual Budget

2022 IPOA Annual Budget


Reserve Studies:

At the Board's discretion, a Reserve Study is conducted to update and re-assess the needs for repair and maintenance of the community's roads and irrigation systems.

2023 Amended Reserve Study Summary

2019 Ironbridge POA Reserve Study



The monthly homeowner assessments are split between the obligation to the Club and the operations of the Association to maintain our common areas and roads. Each year the Budget is presented to the homeowners at the Annual Meeting, with a recommendation to adjust assessments if necessary to accommodate operating needs and to maintain the reserve fund. See the Dues Page of the website for the current assessment charges.


Let's Work Together

The Financial Committee holds monthly meetings and welcomes input from homeowners. Feel free to reach out to any of the Committee Members if you have any questions. Watch for notices of upcoming meetings as you are welcome to attend!

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