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General Information 

There are many things to know living in our community. To make it easier we have highlighted some useful information for you to access. This can be obtained in more detail in several of the documents in our POA Resource Center and Welcome Information Packet!

Things to Know

Wild Life 

Here in Ironbridge we have plenty of wildlife from bears, mountain lions, elk deer and fox. We live in a natural elk migration path. The bears go into hibernation in the fall and are hungry! Do not feed them and do not keep bird feeders or trash out. We recommend to put up temporary fence barrier for your trees and shrubs in the fall to prevent damage and take down in the spring.

Trash Service

Waste Management is the main trash service provider for IB with the best rate. Their contact is 1-855-782-6444 and use promo code Think Green! You get one large bin for trash (picked up every Monday) and can also get one large trash bin for recycle (picked up every two weeks). Have trash bins out by 7:00 am and do not leave outside overnight due to animals.

Fishing Policies

There is quite a bit of information in the POA fishing policy guidelines so refer to the POA website. All fishing along our easement is Catch and Release Only! You must have a valid fishing license in your possesion when fishing. You and your guests must demonstrate respect for the river, fish and rules established. No bait fishing allowed, only lures and flies. 


All new fencing and changes must be approved by The Design Review Board. No fence, wall, hedge, or mass planting shall be constructed or permitted without written approval of the IBPOA Design Review Board. The temporary animal barrier fencing is allowed without approval needed. See the PUD Guidelines for all explanations of the fencing regulations, materials, placement and types allowed.


 For Gas Service contact Black Hills Energy in GWS at 888-890-5554. For Electric Service contact Excel Energy at 800-895-4999. Several companies offer cable/internet like Century Link and Xfinity. Comcast is 800-934-6489. Century Link is 800-244-1111. For Water contact Roaring Fork Water and Sanitation at 970-876-5008.

Pet Policy

There is a maximum of two dogs permitted per household. A daily fine can occur for violations. No livestock or poultry allowed. Pet owners are required to keep pets on leashes and pick up their waste along all walking paths. Pet stations are provided by our POA dues and are located throughout the property to help keep our neighborhood clean. 

Irrigation Water Use

Our water rights include non-potable irrigation water use at no charge as part of our property ownership. The main water valve to each property is turned on in the Spring and off in the Fall. Property owners are still responsible for their own blow out in the fall. New sod will require more water. Any excess use or free-flowing water can result in fines. Be considerate and do not overuse these rights. 


The bank of mailboxes is next to the pool and fitness center building. To get a new key, go the the Glenwood Springs USPS office at 1113 9th Street and fill out a request for a new key. Bring proof of residency. This can take some time so be patient. You should be notified when it is ready for pick up. Large parcels are placed in key bins or picked up at the post office.


There is much concern about cars speeding in the neighborhood because we are a family community with children biking and playing as well as many dog walkers. The speed limit is 17 miles per hour! Please make sure your guests know and anyone working on your home. Anyone caught speeding can be subject to fines so please be careful of your speed.

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